Wednesday, 15 October 2014



This quote from Kat Dennings goes against normal ideologies because most people would love to be famous, and they don't care what they are famous for as long as they are. This tells us that due to the portrayal of celebrities and celeb life, people want to be famous, to be like their idols but people that are famous know the work you have to put in.

This magazine with Dave Grohl on the front portrays ideologies such as, people in bands and associated with the rock genre are scary, and menacing. It also plays against certain ideologies though, such as, he has long hair, usually meant for girls. Also, the whole band are in his mouth and very small, portraying that he is the main guy in the band, and the others are inferior. 

The poster above, featuring Kate Moss, has a woman standing there in dark colours like grey and black, and quotes "Nothing tastes as good as skinny." This promotes anorexia, and tells girls if they want to be skinny and look like this they should not eat, starve themselves, and it also portrays that it won't hurt them but they will feel good about it, and it will make them look and feel better if they are skinner.

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