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The American Film Industry

The American Film Industry.

Origins of American Film Industry.

The origins and development of the American film industry are from the period 1895-1930.
During this time the emerging industry developed into an important popular medium organised into clearly defined exhibition, production, and distribution elements.

The Studio Era.

The period from 1930 to 1949 in American film industry is known as the studio era.

There were the 'BIG FIVE' /majors.
All of the big five studios are vertically integrated. This is a company is organised so that it oversees a product from the planning/development stage, through production, to marketing, and distribution, through to the consumer.

During the studio era the Big Five owed to production studios, the distribution companies, and most of the cinemas in the US.

Production studios

The end of the Studio Era.

In 1949, the major studios were forced t sell off he cinema chins that they owned by the US government, after a court ruling that their practices were monopolistic.
The American film industry declined further in the 1950s due to the rise of television.
It wasn't until the late 1980s that Hollywood studios fully recovered.

The Contemporary American Film Industry.

The American film industry is now dominated by dix major film companies.
The contemporary 'BIG SIX' account for nearly 90% of the North American Film Market.
Al of these companies are SUBSIDIARIES of major MEDIA CONGLOMERATES. 

SUBSIDIARIES are companies underneath other companies.
MEDIA CONGLOMERATES are the main companies over the subsidiaries.

The 'BIG SIX' - major studio subsidiaries.
  • Warner Bros.. pictures owned by Time Warner
  • 20th Century Fox owned by News Corporation
  • Paramount Pictures owned by Viacom
  • Columbia Pictures/Sony owned by Sony
  • Walk Disney/Touchstone Pictures owned by Disney
  • Universal Studios owned by General Electric/Vivendi

Horizontal Integration


These two companies 
fund the movie.

America--------------------  Europe

^^This company                             ^^This company will
will pay to put it out                         pay to put it out in
in America.                                        Europe.


This is responsible for putting it 
in cinemas and releasing it on 

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