Friday, 19 September 2014


Today we learnt about the different tyoes of camera shots and when they are used.

Establishing shot: This is when the figure is seen in the distance of a landscape. Often used in the beginning of a movie or tv show to establish the main character.

My example: an establishing shot from Doctor who.
Point of view shot: A characters point of view. This is usually used when the director wants to put the audience into a certain characters shoes and so sees the scene how that charcter would.
My example: Supernatural point of view shot
Over the shoulder shot: One character over anothers shoulder. Often used in dialogue or interviews.
My example: Supernatural over the shoulder shot.
Low angle shot: The camera is below the actor, pointing upwards, making the character look threatening or majestic.
My example: Supernatural low angle shot.
High angle shot: the camera looks downon the actor/character, making them look either weak or insignificant.
My example: Prisonbreak high angle shot.
Birds eye shot: This is when the camera looks directly down on a character/scene. Often used to give you the full picture, or to introduce a new setting.
My example: Resident Evil, Afterlife birds eye shot.
Long Shot: Shows you a figure from foot to head, either used to establish space, or to show us the area around said figure.
My example: Doctor Who longshot.
Medium/mid shot: Shows figures from around the waist area to the head. It is usually used when directors want you to recognise the character and also sometimes so you cansee their hand actions.
My example: Supernatural Mid-shot.
Extreme close up: This is from the persons eyebrows, to the underneath of their lips, usually used to emphasise their facial expressions.
My example: Jared Padalecki extreme close up.
Medium close up: This is a figures chest to their head, this is often used to show characters emotions.
My example: Sueprnatural medium close up.

Close up: This is just a persons face and shoulders, this is also used to emphasise a persons facial expressions, but also so you can still see some of their surrounings,
My example: Supernatural close up.
Two Shot: This is when two people are in the shot, this is often used to show you the relationship between the two characters.
My example: Prisonbreak two shot.


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