Wednesday, 17 September 2014


In Lesson today, we learnt about Tzetzan Todorov and the way he sees a narrative theory.
e.g. Beginning>Middle>End.

We also learnt about the structure of a narrative.
Equilibrium; how the characters appear at the start of the story.
Disruption; The problem 'an agent of change'
Disequilibrium; Something happens to disrupt the solving of the problem.
Attempt to repair the disruption; there may be a twist or a climatic point here.
New equilibrium; A new equilibrium is established, kind of similar to the first equilibrium.

We also learnt the different types of narratives.

Circular; Where the story starts at the end and tells the whole story.
Episodic; When the characters have flashbacks of the story in 'episodes'
Linear; Just a traditional narrative.

We also learnt about Vladmir Propp and the eight spheres of action/character roles.
1.Hero; who seeks something,
2. Princess; acts as a reward for the hero.
3.Dispatcher; sends the hero on their quest.
4.Helper; aids the hero
5.Anti-hero' disrupts the heros quest.
6. Villain; opposes the hero.
7.Donor; provides a magical object to help the hero in his quest.
8. Rewarder; provides the hero with a reward.

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