Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Narrative Story. - Black Riding Hood.

Spheres of Action

Antagonist/False Hero - Huntsman
Villain - Big Bad Wolf.
The Princess - Black Riding Hood.
The Mcguffin(the thing everyone goes after) - Grandma.


Beginning - Black Riding Hood goes to visit Grandma.
Middle - The Wolf eats Grandma and the Black Riding Hood when she arrives.
End - Huntsman arrives and then eats everyone because he's a cannibal.


The narrative we used is circular narrative. The story is the voice over for the whole story

New Equilibrium - At the beginning, we see Grandma, the Big bad wolf and Black Riding Hood on spit roasts, and you see the Huntsman eating someones arm.
Equilibrium - There's a falshback to when Black Riding Hood goes to visit her Grandma.
Disruption - Wolf overhears her talking about going to her Grandma's house, and instead , gets there first.
Diseqilibrium - Wolf eats the Grandma and then pretends to be her. Black Riding Hood then comes in and gets eaten.
Attempt to repair disruption - The Huntsman comes in and kills the wolf, then cuts him open to get Grandma and Black Riding Hood out. However, he kills them both anyway.
New Equilibrium - Huntsman takes the bodies back to his house and spitroasts them in his garden and eats them.

Done with Amina.

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