Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Microfeatures: Camera movement.

Cinematography: Camera Movement.

  • Pan - Moving the camera lens to one side or another.

  • Tilting - Moving the camera lens up or down whilst keeping its horizontal axis constant.

  • Pedestal - Moving the camera up and down without changing its horizontal or vertical axis. Pedestal up means move the camera up and pedestal down means move the camera down. You are not tilting the lens, rather moving the entire camera up/down.

  •  Tracking - The camera is mounted upon a cart which travels along tracks.

  • Crab - side-to-side movement at a constant distance from the action.

  • Hand-held - The camera operators hold he camera making it either shaky or steady.

  • Point-of-view shot - The camera is showing a shot from the persons perspective.

  • Steadicam - This mechanically isolates the camera from the operator's movement. It allows for a smooth shot, even on a bumpy surface.

  • Zoom - Changing the focal length of the image to make it appear closer or further away.

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